Annoyed that the Flex Keyboard shortcut reference was multiple pages, I recreated this so I could print it out and hang it on the wall.

Download Flex Shortcut Reference

4 Responses to “Flex Shortcut Cheatsheet (on one page)”

  1. david r Says:

    I only see 16 shortcuts listed in the PDF? I’m pretty sure there’s more like 160 keyboard shortcuts in flex builder these days.

  2. John Gag Says:

    @david – pretty sure he wanted a smaller list of the most common ones that he uses.

  3. Steve Ross Says:

    Ha, actually I should totally expand it. I took it from a google search and from the docs. Some of the most useful ones I use everyday (after my new foray back into flex) are missing. Update coming soon!

  4. Exchange Says:

    Very Nice. Thanks! For some shortcuts the command key doesn’t work (Dynamic Help)… don’t know why and others it worked fine (Compile and Run). No biggie… just having the list hand is a bonus.

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